I & Me Farm

I & Me Farm is in it's first year and is the joint effort of Eileen Zidi (Table's manager) and Mimi Edelman (many of you may know her as the farmer at Mt. Kisco Childcare Center and at Sunraven).  Their farm is located 5 minutes from Table in Bedford.  You may have been lucky enough so far to enjoy their French Breakfast Radishes and varieties of peas.  Mimi will be sharing with us her weekly farm journal, a sample of which is below!


week of july 27

farewell favas. in the evening the last of the favas were harvested. it's a bittersweet task the favas provided and now they fade away another years wait till we savor them again. eileen and i came up with a great way of eating favas by creating a summer salad. using prepared black rice and cooked favas blend in slices of french breakfast radishes, hakurei turnips,mint,fennel sprigs and grated ginger root. add some fruity olive oil and squeeze of lemon.

the moon planting cycle begins today so as the favas and peas surrender to mid-summer the beans are poised to be sown. we hope for a colorful mix of yellows, greens and purples, along with tender haricot vert.  the tomato, eggplant and pepper varieties are in the earth. root crops will be continuously planted now that our first roots have forged the way for their predecessors.

we've prepared some tea and savory herb pots for all of you to enjoy or present as gifts. with all the seedlings vacating the greenhouse we kick up our micro greens again so please look for our amaranth,opal basil and arugula micros. we want to thank you from the bottom, top and around our hearts for supporting our first season

-your humble farmers, i&me.