Hours: Monday - Friday, 8am - 6pm. Saturday, 9am - 6pm.


 Our mission is to connect our community with the farmers that harvest our locally grown foods & to provide a realistic alternative to the industrial food market. 

The distance not traveled is what's important here. 

 The ingredients we source from local and regional farms retain the nutritional value that commercial foods lose in the long distances they travel. 

Our celebrated cooking highlights the fresh ingredients enthusiastically brought to us by dedicated local farmers.  Taste what makes us so unique. 

Experience the delicious return to what food should be

& don’t forget to bring your own bags!


Making the conscious decision to eat locally supports our regional economy.

* Most of our packaging and all of our utensils are plant-based and compostable.



Owner, Manager, Cynthia Brennan    Cynthia@tablelocalmarket.com

Assistant Manager, Ana Simone    Ana@tablelocalmarket.com