TABLE Local Market is an organic and local food store on a mission to connect our community with the farmers that harvest our locally grown foods.  By shopping at TABLE Local Market, you are choosing an alternative form of food and production and are helping support responsible consumerism: a practice from which the benefits extend to your own wellbeing, the local community and the natural world.Our produce is sourced from local and regional farms, and our celebrated cooking highlights the best fresh ingredients in season!

We believe that food brings our community together with joy and fun! 

Our offerings include: produce, dairy, cheese, beverages, pasta, bread, nuts, tomato sauce, poultry and meat, crackers, coffee, and more!  Additionally we have a vibrant offering of prepared food and fresh baked goods- all delicious and sourced the best way possible.  Our kitchen is the humming core of our store and everything is made from scratch with love and care!

We cater all kinds of events; from small pick up orders to full service dinner parties.  Contact us with your inquiries.

TABLE is situated in the vibrant Hamlet of Bedford Hills. Visit us today and join the community of happy eaters!


Owner, Cynthia Brennan   Cynthia@tablelocalmarket.com

Manager, Ana Simone   Ana@tablelocalmarket.com